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Author of exhibitions also in public spaces, since the end of the 80s he has carried out intense exhibition activities with a view to hybridizing urban spaces and spaces of representation.


"Theory of affections | Living the consequences" within the project of the same name by Isabella Bordoni, Vignola (Mo) 


“Architectures of thought. Theatrical suggestions between Ludovico Ariosto and Biagio Rossetti ", Ferrara

“Atelier”, Cloister Gallery, with presentation text by Isabella Bordoni, Ferrara

"Theater und das Problem der Zeit / Theater and the problem of time", edited by Alien productions, Vienna 


"Claudio Abbado / Making Music Together" by Alfredo Albertone and Contrasto, opera house Florence


"12 author shots for the 50 years of the Teatro Comunale 1964-2014" Ferrara

"The theater for images / The theatrical seasons in the Municipal Theater of Ferrara" Italian Cultural Institute Barcelona


"Daily Theater, people and space", Arcades of the Municipal Theater of Ferrara


"It is in the dark that reality lights up," dedicated to Michelangelo Antonioni, Portici of the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara


"Visions / Italian dance," Contemporary dance festival, Portici of the Municipal Theater of Ferrara


"Pina Bausch", contemporary dance festival, arcades of the Municipal Theater of Ferrara


"The Living Theater in color" Julio Cortazar Pontelagoscuro Theater, Ferrara


“10 years of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra” Ferrar, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin

"The boys of the Pratello company" looks over 9 years of workshops and shows at the Juvenile Penal Institute of Bologna, Juvenile Penal Institute of Bologna


“The Photographic Time - Seven Variations from the City of Music” Ferrara Aterforum, PAC Contemporary Art Pavilion, REC Reggio Emilia Contemporary shot in 2004 for Orvieto Photography (2004)

"The City of Music / CDM 2.0" (2006)

"The City of Music / CDM 3.0" (2007)

"The City of Music / CDM 4.0" (2007)

"The City of Music / CDM 5.0" (2008)


“Visual sounds” ”Aterforum Festival, 5 years of concerts in Ferrara musica Salone della Musica, Turin


"Musica Incontri", Ferrara


"The Gardens of Silence" Anatomical theater of the Palazzo Paradiso, Ferrara


“Enemy in the figure” - images from a choreography by William Forsythe RED, Reggio-Emila DAnza, Reggio Emilia Theater

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